Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Skeptical Podcasts

This has been bouncing around Twitter a bit as of yesterday: Skeptcast. It's a great little resource for those looking for something to listen to. These podcasts are educational, entertaining, and skeptical! I'm already subscribed to a bunch of these, and I enjoy them immensely. Warning, you may LOL or cheer out loud at work while listening!


  1. Nicole,

    Thanks for linking to Skeptcast.com! The story of why I created it can be found at http://www.theBIOT.com.

    Short version - I just wanted a central place to organize skeptical podcasts.

    Thanks again! Tell your friends.


  2. That's awesome! Yeah, I saw a bunch of tweets from ATL Skepticamp and was curious how that went. Apparently there's video?

    The list is a great idea! Now I know where to go for new stuff to listen to.

    Enjoy BSG :-)

  3. Nicole,

    I forgot to mention that if there are any skeptical podcasts that you DON'T see listed, please add a comment to the site and I will include them.

    Thanks again!!