Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet you at Dragon*Con?

So I decided yesterday to go to Dragon*Con this year. I can drive down there and stay in a hotel that has a shuttle bus to get me downtown. There's a good "Skeptitrak" of skeptical talks to take in, with talks by all our favorite podcasters & bloggers. There's a science track and a space track, so there's no shortage of things to do. I'll go early, on Thursday, so that I can attend the Cancer benefit star party in Decatur that Phil Plait & Pam Gay are hosting. I'll bring along my "Death From The Skies" and have Phil sign it!

Squee! I'm such a fanboy!
Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum


  1. **SQUEE!**

    So Tim and I are traveling on different dates b/c of his schedule, so I was planning on flying out Wednesday and coming back the next Tuesday. (Loooong weekend?) When are you driving? We're staying in a hotel that's a bit farther out, but we can get a shuttle to the train to the city.

    Also, everyone, here are the Skeptical Events:

    And here's the Star Party:

  2. BTW, that's "Skeptrack" not "Skeptitrak"... My bad.

    I'm driving outta here Thursday morning. If it'll save you any dough, you can ride with me down there and travel back with Tim. If your air tickets are refundable/reschedulable that is...

    I'll be in the Best Western Atlanta Airport East. I hope it's a non-smoking room like I requested. They have a shuttle bus to & from the Con, so I'll park the Honda there and ride in style! I'm taking my HiDef video camera & tripod and will shoot a little HD of some of the talks.

    I'll be taking my new 50mw green laser to the star party/dinner Thursday night in Decatur. Are you going to be there? The light pollution from Atlanta and the nearly full Moon will be considerable. I wonder if I can even do a green laser sky tour for folks... We'll see. I'm also taking some new "Death From The Skies" books for Phil to sign. They'll make great door prizes for the VAAS conference & CAS meetings, eh?

  3. Actually, I had a free plane ticket to use before the end of the year, so I'm flying for free! Plus I'm going out on Wednesday. Thanks!

    Heck yeah I'll be helping with the star party.

    I know they are going to try and live stream the Skeptrack. Maybe contact Derek Colunduno about HiDef recordings? That would be fantastic.