Monday, January 19, 2009

Seen at Barnes & Noble:

At first I assumed it's just kind of a gift-type item; sort of just for a giggle.

Then I realized, maybe not? I just can't fathom that someone would take a bible hunting (and also need that bible to be invisible by deer), so perhaps it's for fashion? Why take a plain old brown bible to church, show everyone you are a hunter with your camo bible!

Yes, I will whip out my camera at Barnes & Noble in the name of blogging. :-)


  1. Yikes! My first thought was that it was meant to be sent to soldiers.

    It's okay, I've taken cell phone pics of the tiny atheism/agnosticism sub-section, or those awful 2012 doomsday books wrongfully placed in the Science section. :-)

  2. hehehehe, a camo bible says more about a person's activities than a bible does.